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Wilshere for Club. Wilshere for Country.

October 17, 2014

I usually reside on the positive side of the fence when it comes to conversations of an Arsenal persuasion. We are falling behind Chelsea and City? Nah, we are slow starters. Ozil isn’t firing as he should? Pah! He is the world’s best No.10 and is revered by Ronaldo, Mourinho and Loew. You catch my drift, I’m the human equivalent of the ostrich who’s head was too big for the hole in the ground.

Podolski Pains, Rosicky Redemption and Fickle Fans

September 28, 2014

I write this in the aftermath of the North London Derby. There is plenty of material I could spin a yarn about in the space of those 90 frustrating minutes. The fact that our defence has less meat on it than Victoria Beckham after a colonic. The number of rash tackles from our hideously deformed neighbours. The positive displays of Jack, The Ox, Chambers and Kos. The sheer effort put in by supposedly lackadaisical Ozil. Or even about why Sanchez – who is on a hot streak – didn’t start. I will leave these for another time though. I want to focus on another fixture. One that seemed to be treated with a trace of disdain.

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