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Does Arsenal still represent value for the money

August 26, 2013

So it’s Friday, again, and I’m sat in my company’s Canary Wharf offices, musing away. Fortunately I am less hung-over than when writing last week’s blog although the gym still beckons. For me, tomorrow, and for you, yesterday, our lads visit Fulham and, whilst I am going to be watching the game in the countryside, I can only envy those arriving in style down the Thames on the boat kindly arranged by the BSM team. Whilst most of you probably didn’t end up watching re-runs of Arsenal’s defeat on Goals on Sunday in luxury as I had predicted, I hope that last week’s loss only makes your Sunday hangover semi-bearable after yesterday’s demolition of The Cottagers

Are we all wrong about Stan Kroenke?

November 20, 2012

When Stan Kroenke bought his controlling interest in Arsenal in April 2011, the move was greeted with a mild sense of trepidation, hope, and fear. At the very minimum Arsenal supporters felt that at least we know how had a majority stakeholder that could hopefully drive Arsenal into competing under the new paradigm football sees itself under.

An Absence of Leadership

November 15, 2012

Leadership. For any organization to be successful it needs strong leaders from the guy running the show to the guy who heads even the smallest department. Without leaders and leadership organizations are bound falter and lack overall direction. Sound familiar? It should, as Arsenal currently suffer from an absence of organizational leadership.

Can Stan First.

February 19, 2012

In two short months Arsenal fans will mark the day that American Stan Kroenke and Kroenke’s company KSE took controlling

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Stan is NOT the man for Arsenal

July 16, 2011

We are only 4 months or so into the custodianship of Stan Kroenke and his company KSE at Arsenal. At 4 months in, I am wondering where the hell is Stan? I remember back in April there was so much hope and desire that Kroenke’s control of the board would bring a change in how the club approached things. Papers speculated that Wenger would be given a transfer war chest and a new era of Arsenal propserity would begin. Lot’s of people said that – I wasn’t one of them. I have and remain deeply concerned by Kroenke’s purchase of the club. Given the current state of things, I am more so.

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