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7th Heaven. A look back at Arsenal’s 7th Straight Win

September 24, 2013

Stoke visited the Emirates in a game which marked the home debut of Mesut Ozil. While there was a buzz about Ozil, all eyes were on in-form Aaron Ramsey as many felt a strong showing by Ramsey would in many ways bring his return from injury full circle.

Match Preview: Arsenal v Stoke City; EPL Match Day 9

October 23, 2011

First, let me apologize for the lateness in the release of this match preview. As it is, this is the match preview that almost wasn’t. For the pasty 48 hours I’ve been dealing with a computer that kept spitting out BSOD warnings every time I started it up. Finally, last night I got new box and got all my software installed and could finally get started on what really matters – preparing for the EPL tie between Arsenal and Rugby FC, aka Stoke City.

Beauty & the Beast: Arsenal v Stoke City

February 27, 2010

It’s a classic tale really. A tale of substance versus style. Beauty versus brawn – oh hell why be coy – it’s Arsenal versus Stoke City. I don’t think I need to clarify who is who.

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