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This is from our scouring the interwebs for all the latest and greatest Arsenal rumours. Please remember, we don’t generate these rumours, they come from a variety of different outlets and we do not and cannot validate them as to their truthfulness.  – DAG

17 July 2015 (The Sun): Karim Benzema dominates the back page of today’s Sun newspaper. Suggesting Arsenal will bid £4o million for the French Striker. Quizzed about this in Singapore during a press conference Arsene Wenger cryptically said; ‘that isn’t happening at the moment’. Obviously Benzema would be an incredible edition to our side and a transfer on the level of Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez. A player to get really excited about. There is a lot of talk of us ‘preparing a bid’. How one prepares such a bid is beyond me, perhaps we are counting out the 40 million in cash? It is thought that Benzema will only leave if he is surplus to requirements at Madrid. I will now be spending the next month and a half trying not type Benzema into the Twitter search bar. Every 10 minutes. – AH 

1 July 2015 (BBC Sport): Ainsley Maitland-Niles is all but confirmed for a year-long loan at Ipswich Town. – BN

29 June 2015 (90Min): Lukas Podolski has confirmed talks that would send the striker to Galatasaray for 3.2 million. – BN

22 June 2015 (Bild.de): Apparently, Arsenal may be interested in making a move for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Dortmund’s ship might be sinking and the addition of this striker to the Walcott, Welbeck, Sanchez trio already might be the fastest team in history. – BN

22 June 2015 (Sky Sports): Arsenal are expected to finalize the transfer for Petr Cech by the weekend. Allegedly, Cech and Arsenal have agreed to terms, but the negotiations are not finished with Chelsea. Where have we heard this before? Pray for a quick end to this saga! – BN

16 June 2015 (Turkish-Football): The often maligned Lukas Podolski may finally be out the Arsenal doors as Galatasaray might be finalizing a deal to send him to Turkey. The 100k-a-week-in-wages striker has also garnered interest from Orlando and Everton as well. – BN

16 June 2015 (Ipswich): Ipswich Town are in negotiations to grab Ainsley Maitland-Niles on a season-long loan. Seeing as he didn’t feature much for Arsenal this past season, this would be a great development for the young teen. – BN

15 June 2015 (Metro): Arsenal are in talks to send Carl Jenkinson on loan to Sunderland for a 2 million fee. Wenger isn’t ready to give up on the English back, but also doesn’t see much time for him after the emergence of Hector Bellerin last season. The deal isn’t done yet, but expect Jenkinson to go out sooner rather than later. – BN

13 June 2015 (The Independent): Cech yourself before you wreck yourself. Or something. The Petr Cech stories just won’t go away. This time it’s The Independent who claim that the West London club have given the move the ‘green light’. They suggest a fee of £11 million and even say the deal could be finalised as soon as next week. Considering Jose Mourinho wouldn’t allow us to sign Demba Ba on loan it’s nice that Cech has amassed enough good will after 10 years at the club to have some say in his destination. No doubt Jose is throwing a massive strop about it as we speak though. Which of course makes any potential deal all the sweeter. Cech would make a terrific edition to our side. Fingers crossed AH

11 June 2015 (Arseblog): The internet went up in flames yesterday as the FA reported that Abou Diaby was available on a free transfer. However, there have been rumblings that this does not officially spell the end of Diaby with Arsenal and that he may receive a pay-as-you-play contact. – BN

11 June 2015 (Metro): In order to get Petr Cech from Chelsea, the Metro reports that Jose Mourinho might force Arsenal to give up Theo Walcott or Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in return. This seems historically unlikely, but, honestly, this is mostly just a tactic by Mourinho to make any process more difficult. – BN

8 June 2015 (The Guardian): The Womens World Cup kicked off yesterday but the big news is Silly Season got fully under way today as Arsenal were linked with the only man in world football with an ego to rival Niklas Bendtner, Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Several British papers reported the story although it originally broke from Italian news agency – ‘Tuttomercatoweb’. (I did not make that up. No sources to back up the story, naturally, however they did pluck a fee of £11 Million out of thin air to pad out the piece. File this rumour under not happening, ever. What will tomorrow bring?) AH

5 June 2015 (Mirror): Arsenal are reportedly interested in Leicester City’s Ben Chilwell. The initial report doesn’t contain much information, but Wenger might be willing to bring him over on the cheap. He’s featured for England’s U-21s before and could learn quickly behind the fullback duo of Monreal and Gibbs. More information to come, hopefully.

4 June 2015 (La Gazzetta): Where have we heard this before? Arsenal are back in on Gonzalo Higuain, but may be stuck at an impasse with the Italian side holding out for more. Take it with a grain of salt, however, after the last Higuain saga — the same one that dragged out over the entire summer as a “done deal” before going to Napoli.

1 June 2015 (London24): Captain Mikel Arteta is close to signing a one-year extension with Arsenal. Although the two sides haven’t officially come to terms, this rumor was reported nearly every month for the entire season. Arteta would battle Francis Coquelin for the first-team DM spot if he stays on for another year.

1 June 2015 (Sky Sports): Sky Sports reports that James Milner and Arsenal have begun to discuss a free transfer from Manchester City. Although City are keen to keep one of their only homegrown talents, Arsenal and Liverpool are interested in providing a more regular first-team place. However, they report that Milner is unlikely to make a decision until after June 15.

31 May 2015 (Facebook): Wojciech Szczesny has refuted claims that he would leave Arsenal this summer. Following a tumultuous season, Szczesny was demoted to 2nd string keeper behind David Ospina. However, Szczesny wrote on his Facebook page that “you’re gonna have to put up with me for many, many years.”

29 May 2015 (Metro): Sources say Arsenal might be interested in Galatasaray’s Fernando Muslera. Between all the Cech rumors and Szczesny’s nightmare season, it makes sense that Arsenal might look for a back-up plan should things unfold the wrong way.

27 May 2015 (Daily Mail): Carl Jenkinson is likely to head out on another season-long loan in 2015. Arsenal and Wenger aren’t ready to move the young, English defender on a permanent move. The loan may come down to whether or not Jenkinson wants to fight for a rotation squad spot with Arsenal or get another full-season of first-team football.