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This is from our scouring the interwebs for all the latest and greatest Arsenal rumours. Please remember, we don’t generate these rumours, they come from a variety of different outlets and we do not and cannot validate them as to their truthfulness.  – DAG

28 February 2017 (Calcio Mercato):

According to the ever reliable (dripping with sarcasm here) Calcio Mercator, Max Allegri has told friends he will be taking over for Arsene Wenger when he departs this summer.

Our Take: I’ve also told my friends I am interested in taking over when Arsene Wenger steps down. See how easy that is. We’ll stop laughing now.

17 February 2017 (

During his Friday press conference Wenger gave little inclination as to what his coaching intentions are come the end of the current season. Following the drubbing to Bayern Munich, traditional and social media were rife with stories that the prevailing feeling within the club is that he won’t return when the season ends. David Ornstein on Thursday tweeted:

Our Take: Ornstein has continually proven that his information on Arsenal is accurate and we think you have to take for what it’s worth. Nothing will be decided until May.

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