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In a galaxy not so far away and in a not so long time ago, a bunch of rabid American Arsenal fans had a place to cheer, jeer, rant and rave about their favorite EPL team. However, times and attitudes changed and those very rabid (and opinionated) fans were asked to find a new home to cheer, jeer, rant, and rave about their team. Which kind of hatched this brain child of mine. .

The original purpose of You Are My Arsenal, was to be a site for the fans and by the fans. The fans (that’s you) are active contributors to the knowledgable conversation going on within the pages of  The writers (that’s us) want our readers to never shy away from any way they feel and that is why all opinons are respected here (unless you are a Tottenham fan). No topic is off limits – so long as it follows some sense  decency and decorum.

We will not be censors and you are reminded that if something seems out of line to you to ignore it. We will however, remove anything that is flagrantly off-colour, racist or demeaning in an attempt to be hurtful. All we ask is that there are readers of varying ages, sex, and ages and regardless they matter as much as you.

We never expected the response we’ve gotten when we launched back in 2008. What went out as a means to hold a community together is now a well read and we hope well respected blog. We will aim to keep hold of our principles (yes, we have them) and always make the fan and reader our first priority.

If you’d like to contact us regarding anything please use the contact form found in the navigation menu.

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