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How Will Arsenal Begin the 2023/24 Season?

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How Will Arsenal Begin the 2023/24 Season?

As the end of the 2022/23 English Premier League (EPL) season approaches, attention turns to Arsenal’s plans for the upcoming 2023/24 campaign. After an initially promising start last season, the Gunners failed to maintain momentum and seem to have lost their chance at EPL glory, as they are 4 points below Man City with one more game played.

Yet, this high-spirited early performance captured the attention of clubs globally, putting some of Arsenal’s key players in the spotlight.

Undeniably, Arsenal’s initial success in the 2022/23 EPL season has put a number of their players on the radar of many European clubs. As these players displayed their prowess on the pitch, they invoked the interests of potential suitors. Now, with the summer transfer window approaching, the threat of player departures to ‘greener pastures’ looms large.

Considering the way Arsenal was perceived by the football community, seeing them as runners-up with true chances of having lifted the EPL after 20 years would sound like a wager on some of the best casino online options out there. 

However, Arsenal’s management will undoubtedly strive to maintain squad stability, understanding the importance of keeping a core group of players intact, especially given their return to the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Participating in multiple high-profile competitions demands an experienced and cohesive team, and this might make it more crucial for Arsenal to retain their key players. If Arsenal retains the core of the quality from the ongoing season in the upcoming one, Arsenal’s success won’t be perceived as a risky wager on a progressive online slot, as it was to many footie fans globally before the somewhat surprising season that is about to end. 

The return to the UCL is a double-edged sword, on one hand, it boosts morale and brings prestige to the club; on the other, it poses an added challenge. While the players would certainly be exhilarated to participate in one of the world’s premier football competitions, the added fixtures in their schedule could strain the squad, leading to potential injuries and fatigue. Juggling between EPL and UCL duties may prove to make it harder to enjoy such a great EPL start like in 2022/23.

The question remains: how will Arsenal’s squad morale fare once the club season resumes? A lot hinges on how the Gunners handle the aftermath of a promising but (almost certainly) ultimately unfulfilled season. The club’s management and coaching staff will need to harness the positive energy from the strong start in 2022/23 and use it to fuel the ambition for the upcoming season. Equally, they’ll need to manage expectations while focusing on the lessons learned from the past season.

Positive Lessons and A More Mature Squad?

As for whether Arsenal will enjoy a strong start to the 2023/24 season, history, though not a perfect predictor, can offer some optimism. The resilience shown in the early stages of the last campaign, the competitive spirit, and the raw talent among the squad indicate a strong probability of a promising start. However, it’s imperative that Arsenal maintains consistency throughout the season to avoid another shortfall. 

There are indeed a lot of questions in the air for Arsenal, and only time will tell how the Gunners will navigate the season. 

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