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Martin Ødegaard: Will He Be Targeted in the Transfer Window?

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Martin Ødegaard: Will He Be Targeted in the Transfer Window?

Many considered that Odegaard was a flop before the recent success wearing the colours of The Gunners. Sometimes, things, however, are almost unfair to young footballers. How much pressure did you endure when you were sixteen? That’s how old he was when he finally was subbed in for Real Madrid after a lot of preparation at Castilla.

Real Madrid has never been a club famous for having patience when it comes to waiting for talented players to blossom. Robben and Sneijder are examples of names that left the club only to be the protagonists of two different teams right after that. Sometimes players with a lot more experience than Martin Odegaard get just 6 months to show that they’re good enough.

Sometimes, however, pressure during the wrong, or even unfair moment in life eventually is lifted. Arsenal is a great club, and wearing their colours after the immense pressure of being a teen around Real Madrid players, coached by Zidane, could have been seeds of maturity that eventually grew as confidence, which Martin Odegaard has been displaying during the ongoing season, being a key player.

Considering the financial power of clubs like Man City, PSG and Real Madrid, just to name a few, perhaps Arsenal will have to be a bit lucky to remain seeing Odegaard wearing the colours of The Gunners in the upcoming season. Perhaps not as much luck as the bettors of top online casino options out there, but some luck.

But what if he leaves? Arsenal will naturally be targeted by the market, and Real Madrid sometimes behaves in weird ways in the transfer markets. Morata is an example of a player that was bought back almost only because of having caused players when wearing the colours of Juventus. Real Madrid doesn’t always act 100% rationally, and a lot of passion is involved in the way the Spaniards do business in football. Not being targeted specifically by Florentino Perez might just be the dose of luck that Arsenal needs to remain with Martin, like the luckiest players of

The investment, at least in terms of time and interest on Martin by tracking him as a youngster in Norway could make Los Blancos try to get him back? He’s just 24 and at some point, Kroos and Modric will retire. And Real Madrid is just one potential destination, due to their former ties and the fact that at least to some degree, the player has experienced what it’s like to live in the South of Europe in a Latin country.


The transfer window is the time of the year – especially the summer one – when newspapers make a lot of money with speculations. Gossiping is the best word to be described, and players that seemed poised to stay and sometimes even promise to do so end up leaving their clubs, whilst others that everyone expect to leave end up stuck, like it happened with Ronaldo last summer at Man United, causing a lot of problems to The Red Devils. Time will tell where the Norwegian star will play after the upcoming summer transfer window.

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