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How will the Injury of Gabriel Jesus affect Arsenal?

English Premier League Match Ball

A Headline Maker Sidelined by Injury

Arsenal made lots of headlines in the world of football prior to the World Cup. In fact, excluding the Champions League highlights, it’s fair to say that Arsenal leading the Premier League after so long, and for so long, was one of the most relevant football facts in Europe prior to the Qatar World Cup.

Of course, we also have Haaland scoring an absurd number of goals, but… Regardless of Haaland’s 18 goals after 14 matches played, Arsenal still finished the first part of the season 5 points clear of Man City.

A lot of that was due to the amazing performances of Gabriel Jesus. He might not always score, but if you consider the number of assists too, then he was directly involved in 11 goals in the first 14 games.

But there’s more to that than just interesting stats: Arsenal’s manager Arteta claims that his motivation and the way he chases every ball impacted positively several other players.

Moreover, he was an important addition tactically to the Gunners. It’s fair to say this injury is one of the worst nightmares possible for the Gunners fans right now.

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Window Transfer Window: Affected by the Injury?

Gabriel Jesus was an amazing highlight of Arsenal’s summer transfer window. And when it comes to fixing up problems with the first team or even the squad depth after the World Cup, Arsenal may not be alone in the quest…

Right now, we have England, France, Morocco, Portugal, Brazil, Croatia, Argentina and the Netherlands still active in the World Cup. In other words, some of the most important players in Europe are spending lots of energy in the tournament. 

Unlike normal World Cups, the time available to rest and heal from injuries will be very scarce before European top-level footie resumes, which means replacing Gabriel Jesus might be a salty task for Arsenal.

Moreover, team chemistry is another issue. That was indeed one of the greatest strengths of Mikel Arteta’s team in the first fourteen fixtures of the Premiership.

Summary: Arsenal and the Future in the English Premier League

It’s fair to say that unless England lifts the World Cup trophy, the fans of Arsenal will probably have bad memories and feelings towards the tournament considering the impact that this injury is likely to have.

At best, it’ll have some impact on the pockets of the club. And at worst, well, Manchester City looked very solid in the first part of the season. They lost to a brave Brentford on November 12th, and prior to that, against Liverpool in October in a game that could have resulted in a victory for the Citizens without a doubt.

That said, Man City could be a lot closer to Arsenal in the classification table before the World Cup break.

The fans of the Gunners around the globe may be wondering what are the odds for the next winner of the EPL.

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