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The Greatest Irish Footballers to Have Played For Arsenal

Arsenal’s current roster has the typical mix of Brits and players from other countries, but in the past, the club was known for being a hotbed of talent from Ireland. These players positively affected the team and left an imprint in the hearts of Arsenal fans worldwide.

‌Top Irish Footballers to Have Played for Arsenal

  • Frank Stapleton: Striker who won the FA Cup twice and consistently performed.
  • Liam Brady: An attacking midfielder who also served as the captain of Arsenal and was instrumental in the club’s 1979 FA Cup victory.
  • David O’Leary: A powerhouse of the Arsenal defence who played a vital role in the club’s 1979 FA Cup triumph.
  • Niall Quinn: A striker with a knack for scoring important goals, and contributed to the team’s success in winning the League Cup in 1987 and 1991.
  • Pat Jennings: A legendary goalie who played for Arsenal and helped the team win the FA Cup in 1979.
  • Paul Merson: A multi-talented midfielder who was instrumental in the team’s League Cup victory in 1993

‌Contributions of Irish Footballers to Arsenal

Each player has significantly impacted the team and the sport from the 70s onward. Throughout his three years at the club, from 1976 to 1978, striker Frank Stapleton was the team-leading scorer with 108 goals; Niall Quinn’s goal-scoring skills made a difference for the side. While David O’Leary captained the squad for 772 of their games, Liam Brady led them to victory in the FA Cup in 1979.

Though Paul Merson was born in the UK, he moved to Ireland and represented the country as a brilliant midfielder, and played a vital role in the 1979 FA Cup. Pat Jennings’s international career lasted 22 years, and this legendary goalie helped the club get to the finals at the 1978, 1979, and 1980 FA Cups.

‌Challenges Faced by Irish Footballers at Arsenal

Irish players, like millions of others across the globe, have set their sights on making it to the Premier League. Integrating into a new club and league may be challenging for any player, and the hardships increase for players from a different country with a distinct history and culture. Despite these tribulations, the players stepped up and demonstrated their significance to the squad.

Legacy of Irish Footballers at Arsenal

The legacy these players have left behind can’t be topped by others. The 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s demonstrated that people from various countries could succeed and benefit as a team. It is now the industry standard to have players from different countries participate in football.

These players have impacted how the team plays and have served as a significant source of motivation for many aspiring young athletes to become involved in the sport.


Among Premier League fans, Arsenal is reportedly the 5th most famous club. With the popularity of TV partnerships, football-themed Live casino Ireland games, and other footballing media and entertainment, football is expanding its worldwide reach. It is common knowledge that Arsenal has played a significant role in the globalisation of the sport, and we anticipate that this trend will continue.

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