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The Lessons of 2022/23: What Can Arsenal Take From This Season?

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The Lessons of 2022/23: What Can Arsenal Take From This Season?

Arsenal lived an interesting season. No one expected them to have the surprising start that they had in 2022/23. But once the surprise faded, it became pressure. Teams that were protagonists in the recent seasons, fighting against Man City to lift the EPL trophy such as Chelsea and Liverpool were facing their own issues.

It’s not impossible, but it’s really unlikely to see Arsenal beating Man City and winning the 22/23 season as The Citizens are 4 points clear with one game less than the North London club.

Even qualifying for the 23/24 UEFA Champions League seemed like a long shot for Arsenal after so many years of failure to reach the biggest football competition in the world at the club level.

But most fans won’t feel exactly excited or happy. It really felt like it was the year of Arsenal at some point. But Manchester City seems more mature in some ways. Doing what they did against Real Madrid last Wednesday was proof that beating them at the domestic level is not easy.

The problem with football at the highest level is this: you can’t consider that things will resume just the way they ended in the coming season. Man City can get stronger in the next transfer window, possibly by hurting Arsenal directly. Sometimes, or in most cases, just because you sell an expensive player and buy one with the same price tag, it does not mean that your team will remain just as strong. The price tag of the squad may remain the same or even increase. Team chemistry is a valuable asset when it comes to the highest level of football.

That is why clubs have stronger teams than international teams these days: they play a lot more often together, and chemistry eventually blossoms.

Arsenal doesn’t enjoy the same level of wealth as Man City, so some luck, perhaps not as much as to win at australian online casino games, will be useful to increase, or at least retain the same team quality in the 2023/24 season.

Arteta, The Transfer Window and the Future

We must also mention that Arteta’s development as a manager is not unnoticed in Europe which means a shocking departure can’t be ruled out, as anything can happen in the world of football. Arsenal does seem, however, more vulnerable to luck than Man City, for example, in terms of the potential effects of the coming transfer window and the beginning of the next season. The window, however, is a moment when club directors can show their skills and seize opportunities, it’s not all about luck or money, like at usa online gambling houses.


The football world is curious to find out what kind of performance will be displayed by The Gunners after the transfer window and the club level break. Arsenal will also have to juggle their presence at the UCL with the domestic challenges, which will make it harder to start that well the 23/24 EPL.

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