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Introducing our New Video Partner – Touch of Özil

Video edits, they are all the rage. So much so, yours truly tried getting into the game. However, as anyone who does these things will tell you, it takes a while to do it right and well, trying to hold down a full time job, coaching a U11 side and running a blog leaves very little time to edit videos.

So what’s a blog to do? Easy, partner with someone who only wants to make videos and have a place to put them -besides youtube. That’s why we are pleased to partner with a young man from Israel who’s video edits are turning heads.

Touch Of Özil works to create short, entertaining Arsenal-related videos and we’re pleased to give him a platform to do so. You can expect video edits focusing on particular players, or matches and anything else in between. When we took a look at their catalog of videos we were entertained and we hope you will be too.

You can catch his videos in our standard pieces or alone on page dedicated strictly to his fares. The page is found in our top navigation and called – wait for it – Video (good name huh). You can check that page out here.

In the mean time, why don’t you check out the videos below and give Touch of Özil a follow on twitter (@TouchofOzil).


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