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The YAMAs 2012/2013

After a long season, the team here at You Are My Arsenal have found that social media (Twitter in particular) has been vital in promoting our blog and keeping in touch with the Arsenal online community.

We may not agree with everyone’s views, and it’s been made abundantly clear that not everyone agrees with our views, but we still strive to read and cover all different angles and opinions on Arsenal Football Club.

But obviously it’s not all about us, so we’re asking you who your favourite non-YAMA related people/blogs are. Using social media yet again and the hashtag#YAMAS13 nominate who feel were the year’s best in the following categories:

Best Arsenal Blog
Best Arsenal Blogger
Best NEW Arsenal Blog
Best Arsenal Podcast
Best Journalist (who is a good outlet for news on Arsenal)
Best Tweeter
Best (and most balanced) Opinion Writer. (This includes bloggers and tweeters)

The format you should use is something like this: #YAMAS13 nominate Such in Such Blog for best Arsenal Blog.

All nominations will be collected through 14 June. Then we will run a survey monkey to vote for the winners. Voting will last a week.

Last season’s winners were:

Best blog + best podcast: Arseblog + Arsecast (@Arseblog)

Best blogger + best opinion writer: Tim Stillman (@LittleDutchVA) –

Best new blog: The Arsenal Collective (@AFC_Collective)

Best tweeter: 1ST place: @DarrenArsenal1  2ND place: @GarethDParker   3RD place: @MikelArteta08

Best journalist/football writer: Philippe Auclair (@PhilippeAuclair)




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