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Arsenal Logo in 3D

Arsenal Logo in 3D

A not so long time ago, a bunch of rabid Arsenal fans had a place to cheer, jeer, rant and rave about their favourite EPL team. However, times and attitudes changed and those fans were asked to find a new home to cheer, jeer, rant, and rave about their team. Well, we hope in some way we have filled that void.

The purpose of You Are My Arsenal, is to be a site for the fans and by the fans. We will ask you to be our contributors and no topic is off limits – so long as it follows some decorum and decency. We will not delete topics that are about Arsenal and the EPL. We will however, remove anything that is flagrantly off-colour, racist or demeaning to be hurtful. Other than that – we want to give you full reign.

To that end, we’ve just moved in, and like any other apartment or home, the walls are your basic vanilla colors. But don’t worry we will design our interior and make it to your liking. We will also be seeking you out to be our writers. We don’t want to inhibit that and we want to stay focused on our original intent – a fan based forum. At some point we hope to reach out to our ultra active individuals and make you our editorial board with full rights and access to the site.

So please , bear with us. This really was a spur of the moment decision to launch the site. It based primarly on what went on at our past place of discussion.

Enjoy – and write!!

Da Admin Gooner

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