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We’re Just An Infant

Were Just A Baby Yo!

We're Just A Baby Yo!

So we’ve gotten a fee e-mails saying folks have registered but got no registration e-mail back from the site. First, we apologize. As we mentioned we started this venture in haste yesterday with some down time. We didn’t give it a proper run through and it seems you lot are our guinea pigs.

We think the issue is with the version of WordPress that is being used for the site. We’re working with the provider to update and correct this issue. If that still doesn’t fix it – then we’ll ask if anyone out here knows WordPress enough to help us fix this issue.

If you register and don’t get a confirmation from the site. Shoot me an e-mail (please see my profile) with your preferred password and it will get entered in on the back end.

Again, we thank you for your patience as we fix all the little hiccups that are inevitable for a start-up like this.

Thank you all for the words of support so far.

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