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YAMACast S2E13: the one without any New Year’s resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone. From me, the YAMACast guests and all the writers here at You Are My Arsenal I hope you have an amazingly good 2014.

HAPPY NEW YEAR Everyone. From me, the YAMACast guests and all the writers here at You Are My Arsenal I hope you have an amazingly good 2014.

As we wind down the year we’re going to do our part to talk about the biggest stories that made up the Arsenal year. That would be calendar year, not seasonal year. Calendar year is all the rage don’t ya know? Why? Because in calendar year 2013, had the season ran from January to December, Arsenal would run away with the league. And while we jokingly scoff at that, there is an important point to be made – that Arsenal have it within themselves to be the most consistent team over the course of 38 games.

Arsenal have had a great year and frankly, no one I am sure saw it coming. Going back to last march and the loss to Tottenham, it looked pretty bleak for the Gunners. But an amazing win on the road to eventual Champion’s League winners, Bayern Munich, lead Arsenal on an amazingly consistent run to close out the previous season and secure Champion’s League qualification – or at least qualification to qualify – you get my drift I think.

From there Arsenal went on to make one of the biggest splashes in it’s history – by letting Andre Santos go – I kid- by signing Mesut Özil to the tune of £42 million. Thus shattering all the preconceived notions that Arsenal were tight wads. As a matter of fact the signing of Özil hopefully created a new reality that Arsenal intend to dance with the big boys when it comes to signing prime talent in the market.

That leads us all to today – 31 December 2013 – the last day of the year and as we all look at the league table we can smile and see that the run of last season, the form of the this season and many other contributing factors has led Arsenal to turn the calendar year over at the top of the league. It’s been an amazing run and we all hope we can continue it as we head into the downward slope of the season.

In this week’s podcast we look back with fondness over the top stories of CALENDAR YEAR 2013. When I say we, I mean us American Gooners. No Brits on this episode. It’s an all American YAMACast this week as I am joined by Joaquin better known as @MorningPint and of the Pintcast Podcast and good friend Elliott the @YankeeGunner. We try to come to an agreement on the top 10 stories of the year (we had to rush the final two since we were under time constraints) and then we lay out what each of us believe were the top 3 stories out of all of them.

It will come as no surprise that we all agreed that the signing of Mesut Özil was our consensus number 1 story of the year.

What’s yours? What are your top 10? Let us know. 

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