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YAMACAST S2E5: the one with only American Gooners on it

Another week and another attempt (done poorly) for me to create a short and concise podcast.

Another week and another attempt (done poorly) for me to create a short and concise podcast.

But can you blame me? When you have such great guests and there is a lot to say, you just want to talk and talk. And that’s what I do. I sometimes wish, especially on my individual opening rants there was someone to say “SHUT IT MICHAEL!” Anyone want a job?

Anyway, this week as the title suggest it’s all up to us American’s to show that we know something other than just Baseball, Apple Pie and Chevrolet. Had we had time not only would me and this week’s guest talked all things Arsenal but we would’ve tired to give you a full out discertation on the need for goal-line technology and explaining the offsides rules to idiots like Premier League referees.

But alas we don’t and all Elliott Smith, better known as @YankeeGunner and I talk about is Arsenal. We look at the the past week, the impact of Mesut Özil and Olivier Giroud have had on this squad. We both try and level set ourselves to the eventuality that at some point this feel good factor will wear off and we will have moments of angst once again – we are Arsenal supporters after all.  We also give love to Aaron Ramsey.

I openly admit in the podcast that Iw as one who wondered at times whether Ramsey should either be given a season long loan or be sold. And before anyone tells me I don’t know what I am talking about or Talk Sport decides to dig up 18 month old tweets there was a case to be made before this season got off to a flying start.

Ramsey was always a talent it finally looks like we are seeing that promise we always were told would come. But for a while injury recovery aside, Ramsey did some rather frustrating things that we’ve tried to run others out for. While Ramsey always showed flashes of what we are seeing regularly this season, he also had a knack for showing poor judgment in his decision making, especially within the final third of the pitch. His passing was soemtimes labored, and off target and who can forget his penchant for trying a back heel pass that would never come off. Throw in poor shooting and an ability to disappear in matches you can see where the earlier criticisms were warranted.

But at the start of this infant season, it is Aaron Ramsey who is putting on a show that is forcing everyone to stand up and take notice. Daniel Sturridge got player of the month for Premier League and while I am clearly biased I think a better candidate would’ve been Aaron Ramsey.

So on this podcast with YG as my witness I openly applaud the Welshman and nothing makes me more happier than to say I was proved wrong about an Arsenal prospect.

As I mentioned this is rather a long podcast but the conversation with YG is top drawer I don’t think you’ll mind.

We’ll be back next week with a further attempt at keeping the podcast short (and likely failing). So until then there is Champion’s League and Stoke at home you all sit tight and please Stay Goonerish!

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