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YAMACAST S2E7: the one where we’re all singing

Let me take you back to a time, a time when voices rang loudly and proudly through the greenest of pitches and the most beautiful of footballing venues. It was a little something like this:

It was a majestic time for Arsenal and it’s legendary ground, Highbury. It’s an atmosphere that’s long since disappeared but on Tuesday night if you were at the Emirates or watching somwhere you could close your eyes and almost forget where you were.

Such is the feeling around Arsenal right now, that the Emirates became for a moment the home we had hoped it would become. It was the perfect conflux of asthetically pleasing football, 45 minutes of sublime action that many of us hadn’t seen in years and supporters loving every minute of the joyful ride we’ve been on. Together the atmosphere was a Champion’s League night of pure delight.

Arsenal facing their first real test of the year against a team said to be among Europe’s best this year. Sure enough their domestic form combined with their rather emphatic dismantling of Dortmund caused many of us to be concerned heading into this match. It sure had the makings of a draw. But it also had the makings of a classic Champion’s League night and for their part, Arsenal didn’t disappoint.

From the first kick off Arsenal controlled the tempo and style of the match and the Italians didn’t seem to have an answer for it. Arsenal intent on dictating play early came out and was all over the visitors. Pentrating passes. Probbing play looking for a chink in the armor to exploit. And when it was found the display was a wonderful sight to behold.

We’ve all talked ad naseum of what signing Mesut Özil brings to Arsenal and Tuesday night’s win was the cherry on the top. His goal and subsequent assist onthe Giroud goal show exactly the talent we’ve gotten. The goal to me was one of the best I’ve seen more because of it’s complexity rather than beauty. Coming across his bodand without adjusting his position he gets his foot on the ball and from the moment the shot left him – he knew  – it’s curling arc would put it into the net.

8 minutes in and Arsenal were on. That would be followed up by Özil doing what he does best – creating goals and when he got the ball after Arsenal won it back on an errant clear from Napoli, it was only inevitable that his cross from the endline would result in Giroud flicking the ball in. GQ Giroud (as Sophie Niccolau) has patented that flick and it is becoming his go to move. So far, defenses can’t handle it as it continues his impressive run this season.

The midifield play of Arsenal with Rosicky, Ramsey, Arteta, Flamini and Özil was amazingly fluid and while you couldn’t map out any one player specifically in one spot, it was clear the way we played caused Napoli issues.

And with those issues, Arsenal coasted to their 10th win in a row, a run equalling their best since 2007.

With that win, the feel good factor has only grown. Sure some time soon we’ll all have to come back down to reality but it’s nice to dream and right now it’s okay to dream. And this is what we talk about this week on the podcast – it’s okay to feel good. As usual we kick off with me, Tom and Billy and then I am joined by this week’s guest the good man from East Lower – Jim (@eastlower).

Thank you as always for listening and until next week – stay Goonerish!!!

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