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So Who Is The Biggest Wanker?

Wanker Candidate #1

Wanker Candidate #1











Wanker Candidate #2

Wanker Candidate #2


So new feature. Something I’d like to carry on through the season. Anyone can write it – but you must have two candidates and they don’t have to come from Arsenal or be related to Arsenal (though that is better). Simply put they must have said or done something that is completely and utterly idiotic as to make them look more stupid then they really are.

This week our two candidates are none other than the recently departed Emmanuel Adebayor and former Arsenal cast-off and Ashley “can’t keep it in the trousers” Cole. We’ll exam each one in brief because frankly any more press devoted to these two punters is really more than they rightly deserve.

We’ll start with Ade. Now, not many of us cried when the striker was sold to City. Many of us were actually quite relieved. Last year was dreadful – with the exception of the CL where he did some good. Anyway – who can forget the saga of last season, his agent coming out weekly sayinf that AC Milan, Barca and whomever was interested in his client. Nay a word was said from Emmanuel to refute any of this or his desire to actually leave. It was only after Arsenal decided to give him a pay raise that he came out and committed himself to the club.

Fast forward to this week. Transfer completed a few nice words about the club and how much love he has for them in his heart and grateful to Arsene for letting him go. Then in interviews in South Africa where his new team currently are he goes on to slam the fans as being his reason for leaving and that mich to his surprise Arsene had conducted the transfer to city behind his back without any knowledge.  All of these Ade says are perplexing to him. Why would Arsenal fans disrespect him this season? I scored 30 goals the season before? Why don’t they disrespect Fabregas? How could Arsene transfer me? Arsenal needed the money so they transfered me? I didn’t move becuase of the money!!! With that much whine there must be some cheese some where.

Well maybe we can answer some of those questions for Ade – they disrespect you because you show so little committment to the club. Yeah but you got a pay raise and then went on to only score 15 goals. We don’t disrespect Fabregas for the transfer talk because everytime it comes out he come out and refutes it -emphatically. You only did after you got your money. You are upset with Arsene not because he transferred you but because he transferred you to City instead of AC Milan. Yes, Arsenal need the money. But they likely would’ve been fine without transferring you. The last point riiiggghhhtttttt!!!!! That’s all I got to say on that. If AC Milan had offered you £65,000 a week over City’s £150,000 a week you still would’ve gone on the City. Your needless delay in signing was to see if you could get Milan to budge.

Okay now on to our second wanker candidate – CAshley Cole. This man needs no introduction. Why is he a wanker candidate? Well, do we need to discuss his whole transfer saga? Do we need to discuss his rant in his book where he basically disregarded his seeking a transfer behind the club’s back and tried to make it all the club’s fault? Nah, we all know Cashley’s background – the ingrate that he was and is.

But let’s discuss his recent comments made during Chelski’s recent tour of the states where he told the scant few who would listen – that he hoped Man City dislodged Arsenal from the big four. No real reason why. No critical assesment of the big four just a continued ramp but the sodded ingrate.

So there you have it lads, our two candidates for Who is the Bigger Wanker? So who is it? Did I miss somoene? If so why?

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