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We Need You!!!!

We Need You!!

We Need You!!


“Four Score and Seven Years Ago . . .” okay not that long ago, we created this site as aplace for all the public rant, glee, and discourse on our favourite football team. Well I am pleased to report that everyday we steadily grow by leaps and bounds and we exceed our daily visitors  on a regular basis. So something must be right here.

In that time, I have spent my time doing all of the writing on the major articles. Its not too bad and I actually think I am getting better with my writing – I know it’s debatable.  Also, with LDE’s help, I have been able to add some more plug-ins to add to the experience.  Though he would argue I need to go to a different template. I am hesitant to do so, because I don’t want this to look like every other blog out there.

We still have some minor glitches – names don’t appear the first time you post, I can’t get the avatar upload to work right yet and a couple other niggly things. But overall we are progressing.

Which brings me to my next point. In a past life many of you got the chance to write posts – be they match reviews, thoughts on players, or on the team in general. Well, I’d like to think I can keep on going on with this but some day (hopefully soon) I will go back to fulltime work and not be able to continue on with the site as much as I would like.

The site was always intended to be a site for the fans and by the fans. I know its cliche but its what I always wanted  it to be. So I am putting out a general call – if you’d like to participate beyond just posting replies and would like to write for or help us improve the site (on the back end) please let us know.

Anyone who works on the back end should have at least a working knowledge of Word Press. Anyone who would like to write is free to write on whatever subject they wish – however there are three features I would like to keep. They are:

  • Player Bios (transfer targets or active players)
  • The Arsenal Crocked Report
  • Who is the Biggest Wanker – (to be launched today)

Everything else is up to your discretion.

If anyone is interested being a writer or helping out on improving the site please e-mail me at michael at michaelprice dot net. Make sure your subject line says – YAMA in it.

Thank you for the time

Da Admin Gooner

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