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Which Gunner is a Goner?

So Whos Going?

So Who's Going?

Ah, the summer transfer window. Love it? Hate it? Both? It’s the time when rampant speculation rips all fans into shreds. We don’t know who’s coming or who’s going. We know that in the case of our beloved Arsenal – we need to buy. We’ve made some progress to that end but that’s not what this article is about now is it?

I was caught today by another article on the lads in Red and White. This one about Cesc Fabregas who was to have said he was appalled by the clubs impotency in winning silver. We’re right there with ya Cesc. But the point that really got me was that he mentions Ronaldo’s departure from ManU since he has won everything he could possibly win with the club, where Cesc it has been absolutely opposite for him.

Cesc is always linked with a departure from Ashbourton Grove. And he always has put them down. Yes, he praises the teams linked with him – you know the old I am flattered line. I think however, that if next summer rolls around and we haven’t won at least one piece of silverware. Then our current captain will be on his way out.

The other likely candidates for departure this summer are the usual characters, Adebayor, Eboue, Senderos and Bendtner. Now personally, I wouldn’t be said to see two of these guys gone. Bendtner is young, and should grow, but I just can’t get over his inability to put the ball in the net with the many opportuntities he has.

Senderos, I wasn’t a fan while was here. Didn’t get ANY chance to see him play in Milan. Not that I tried. As much as I wouldn’t be upset if he went, with our back four woes, I am not sure we can let any true defender go. But that assumes he is a true defender. (True defined as capable here)

Adebayor. Here is another one always linked with his emminent departure. Last year Carlo Ancelotti was said to be seriously trying to lure the tongolese striker to the San Siro club. But Ade the daddy decided to stay and sign a new contract. What was curiously odd was Ade admission from the squad the last two games of the season. At least to this fan that signaled to me that Arsene may really consider using him to get funding for a bigger splash in the transfer market. But everything was really quiet. Until yesterday. Ade’s agent confirmed that he had been in touch with a “top club” not from the EPL but that there was interest being expressed. Nothing yet, though has been confirmed or mentioned from any club.

The much maligned Emmanuel Eboue is also of recent news a target for departure. He has been a goat and he has been a hero. His own fans have booed him (he should play in Philly if he can’t handle Ashbourton Grove). However, you cannot deny that his pace on the left side as a fill in when the defence was shabby at best, was a sight to see. However, he didn’t get much starting time and it looks like he could be on the look to go somewhere where he could get more playing time.

All in all it seems like our summer will be an endless parade of inneuendo and speculation. I don’t think personally, Fabregas is going anywhere. I chose to amend that  if we don’t win anything next season. Bendtner and Senderos, I would be happy with going but I don’t think it will happen. Ade I am not so sure about. He will likely bring in the 25 million pounds they are saying he could. Thats alot of scratch for transfers to a club trying to be fiscally sound. Eboue, sadly, I think, is likely to go.

So what about you lot?

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