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We’re Gunner Get Melo – Maybe

Well, things are definitely becoming interesting in the transfer market. Earlier this weekend we all collectively sighed when Arsenal target Felipe Melo signed a year extension with Fiorentina, thus ending a chance for him winding up wearing the red shirt. Well, it seems I may have been a b it hasty in my disappointment (there’s still time).

Turns out that Melo’s contract has a £24 million buyout clause. How interesting. Add into the equation that Fiorentina sporting director Panteleo Corvino that Arsenal are the only club that has come close to offering the sum they are looking for.

Well, we all know that Arsene isn’t paying  £24 million for anyone, even if they were the second coming of Henry. BUt what happens if Arsenal offer their original sum and throw in say – Emmanuel Eboue. The often maligned midfielder is one of the Gunners rumoured to be gone. And many of the press are stating that this is the deal that is being discussed.

So with Gibbs seemingly coming into his own, Rosicky possibly coming back (we hope) – could Eboue be the odd man out? We all know we are in desperate need of a holding midfielder to support Fabregas. We lost that when we lost Flamini. Out of all our losses from last summer I think Flamini was the worst. Cesc needs to be the set up man, he needs to run the field and he can’t do it without proper support and what we have right now with maybe the exception of Song aren’t cutting it.

All accounts on Melo is he is exactly what we need. He has impressed on all levels and was part of the recent Brazil squad that won the Confederations Cup. He started 29 games last season, with 2 goals and an assist. Why these aren’t dynamic stats they do seem to align with a true holding midfielder. He’s slightly older at 25 giving us presence. He has European experience in the Champions League and UEFA Cup and was instrumental in helping secure another CL berth for Fiorentina.

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