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You Want Me to do What?

You Want Me to do What?


Okay, anyone who has every tracked me on other blogs knows I don’t usually have much bad to say about Arsene Wenger. Its not that I am a sycophant supporter of his but I usually give him the benefit of the doubt because I am sure there are things going on in the background that us fans can’t possibly know. That being said – one day I really wish Arsene would just be direct.

When asked about Emmanuel Adebayors possible departure to AC Milan, Arsene was his normal effusive self saying he expected to stay but if he wanted to leave he would accept it. Why even say something like this – if he is going to stay thats it. If he is going to go – accept it. Further more getting under my crawl today is the fact that Arsene said he was in for Karim Benzema but than money bags Real came along. Now he said he was in for Benzema but that hever never made an offer because he didn’t think Lyon would sell this year.


Look I love the guy. Arsenal would not be the club it is now. But dude either be direct with us or do not say a damn thing. I would rather complain that you say nothing at all than say nothing by saying something absolutely so confusing. The absolute consternation of Arsenal fans is coming from the fact that one thing is said and another thing is done – sometimes in the span of a few minutes of each other. Take for instance, Arsene’s insistence he was going to be active in the transfer market this season – well after the signing of Thomas Vermaelen from Ajax, the promotion of 4 youth team members and Wilshere and Ramsey signing new long term contracts – we’re all waiting with baited breath to the announcement from Arsenal that says these moves prove we are active.


If you believe that than I have some property in New Jersey I would like to talk to you about.

Arsene be straight with us. Your years of giving us absolute joy give you some leeway in what you do. But don’t jerk us around with contradictions after contradictions. It only makes us scratch our head or worse yet flame you – and we know you don’t like that.

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